Tech has revolutionized the way we communicate and do business, to the point where we have become reliant upon using our smartphones, desktops, and tablets nearly every day. As such, it is our job to make sure that when the day comes where your tech stops working, someone is there for you and your business to get things up and running as quickly as possible. Think of us like your safety net. 

Located in North Louisiana, our competitively-priced insurance offers the best service in the area at an affordable rate. Having insured school districts, where functioning technology is essential to continuing everyday education practices, we can be trusted to ensure that your tech is protected. All you pay is the deductible, and we pass on the deductible savings to you. 

Also included in our insurance package: a free device to borrow if we hold your tech for longer than a day, and discounts for referring us to other customers. 

Our business prioritizes excellent customer service, high-quality lasting repairs, and peace of mind for our customers, all of which can be guaranteed in a partnership with Tech Four Tech. 

So sign up for our insurance to get that peace of mind you and your business deserve.

Feel secure with your tech!

Jack Smithey

[email protected]

(318) 245-1361

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