Best Coffee & Tea in Monroe, Louisiana

Best Coffee & Tea in Monroe

*~*  Colorful leaves, sturdy boots, warm hats, and cozy sweaters; there is only one  *~* thing you need while you're basking in the breezes of the fall air…. HOT COFFEE!!! (or Herbal Tea, you do you!)  If you’re craving that warm comfort that only comes from a fresh hot beverage, these shops are for you! Whether you are full on fall spirit with pumpkins, coriander, all spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon mixed into a spicy latte, keeping it simple with espresso and cream, or an herb lover looking for some invigorating peppermint tea; these five spots in Monroe are sure to fulfill your coolest fall drink fantasies. 

Dreux Coffee

~*   At Dreux you get only the finest organic ingredients. This delightful little shop   *~   is located on the corner of Roselawn and N 18th in Monroe!  Newly renovated, modern chic vibes, and totally relaxing this top notch coffee shop is a partner business with our #1 local health spot, Fiesta Nutrition! So when you visit Dreux you will also be visiting Fiesta, and you will find the Good Earth Cafe’s menu is also one with Dreux’s menu! Vegan options are always available at this establishment! Treat yourself to this double whammy of organic goodness!  You are worth it!
Standard Coffee Co.

~*     Downtown Monroe has some serious gems, including this cushy coffee shop     *~ called Standard Coffee Co. located on 411 Desiard Street!  Come and get a Bulletproof coffee for that major brain boost or a scarlet mocha for the rich chocolatey fruity treat!  Standard Coffee Co. has a hot bar, a slow bar, and a cold bar! 
The Coffee Bean

~*  The Coffee Bean is a great choice for a hot drink, but they have much more than  *~ just coffee. Casseroles, cobblers, pastries, salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches, quiches, and catering are some of the many options at this one stop coffee shop! Swing by 2501 Broadmoor Blvd to have something absolutely delicious from The Coffee Bean!

~*    Does this one even need introduction?  This VERY well known coffee shop has   *~ you covered.  Tried and true with many drink options and food, Starbucks will not disappoint! Stop by  for a treat on Forsythe right past N 18th in Monroe!
CC’s Coffee House
~*   If you are craving a sweet dessert coffee CC’s Coffee House is where you want    *~  
to be!  Grab a peppermint mocha, a smoothie, or a breakfast croissant.  Started in 1995 and still kicking!  Try a Mochasippi from CC’s Coffee House on 2350 Tower Dr in Monroe! 


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