E-waste & Refurbished Phones

E-WASTE Gargantuan multinational corporations have created a disaster for the environment in the manufacturing and distribution of the modern smartphone. Landfills the world over are packed with electronic waste that contains toxic components that are found in all common smartphones. When recycled, 75 pounds of gold and over 35,000 pounds of copper can be recovered from 1 million cell phones alone. The problem is, only about twenty percent of e-waste actually is properly recycled, and due to the excessive amount of lead found in e-waste, if it is released into the environment it can cause real damage to us by…

Is the iPhone X still worth it?

When Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, it was a big, new idea for the smartphone market. So much so that Tim Cook said it was “the biggest leap forward since the first iPhone.” Even if you’ve never used an iPhone before, it’s still a good thing. There have been a lot of changes in the industry in the last six years. You might be able to find a new model on a store shelf, but buying a refurbished one is the best way to go now. As we review the iPhone X’s most important features, you can make…

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